Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Enough Water? Tips and Facts

Luckily for most vegans, we get quite a lot of water through eating fruits and vegetables. But is that enough? 

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For most of us, probably not. Water is life! Our bodies need it for everything from vital brain functions, waste removal, temperature regulation, organ protection, and blood constitution to more cosmetic concerns like glowing skin, weight management, lubrication (yep), and those big sweat stains that prove to everyone how hard you just went in the gym. It should be a no-brainer to drink enough each day, but I suspect I am not alone in saying that it can be a struggle!

Here are some tips:
If you are like me, you may sometimes have headaches from overnight dehydration, especially in the summer when I sleep in later. So I make sure to drink a super-size jar of H2O as soon as I'm awake. Plain water that early makes me nauseous, so I have some tricks to make it delicious: I purify some with my Brita, then throw it in a jumbo mason jar with citrus and herbs overnight. Lemon, orange, mint & basil are just heavenly together! I leave it in the fridge before bed and pop it open for a cool awakening spa-like treat in the morning.
Water will dilute your digestive juices if you wait until breakfast to start drinking, so for those who want a flat stomach and easy digestion: don't combine your food & your water!! Get it first thing and try to wait 20-30 minutes after to eat. It takes me at least that long to shower, apply make-up, get dressed, and either juice/blend/or cook my morning meal, so it's no problem!

Wondering if you're getting enough water? It may sound gross to some, but... check your pee! Light yellow is a good sign. A darker color means it's time to pour yourself a glass. Or eat some of that watermelon left over from yesterday's post ;)