Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The season's change is a conduit. Also: CAKE!

Oh hey, it's been awhile.
For those of you who don't know me personally, I make my living as a teacher. Currently a middle school teacher. My year goes something like this:

I'm used to this week of June being a breeze. A crazy breeze of parties, awards, and yearbook signing. And then, the rest of the world thinks, comes the sweet relief of summer!
Except this is never true.
Last year I went straight home from the last day of school to a pile of moving boxes, which I used to play Tetris in two different houses for a week before re-setting my alarm to teach summer school. This year I am in a crazy limbo-land of freakishness where I could end up with an awesome job switch or no job at all and no place to be, but I am sort of loving it. It's a heady combo, this feeling, a combination of that jumping-off-the-edge-of-a-cliff-into-the-unknown sensation, combined with a lot of hard work to get my portfolio together that has honestly felt like its own reward. I've been busy, and happy.

My destiny is at hand. Cool.

But I haven't been blogging. Or Instagramming. And that is starting to feel too weird, so I'm putting them back into the forefront of my summer priorities. Where am I going with all this? To a place where I can say this confidently to you now: stay tuned for cake. Vegan cake. Photos of cake. Blogging of cake.

There will be cake.

Cake is coming.

I promise. Unless I mess it up. Then there will be S'morbet, until I figure out the cake.
Photo cred: Allie Brosh