Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Super-healthy "Mac" and "Cheese"

Lately I've been so busy with life, work, and working out (I found an awesome new routine that I'll be sharing soon) that I have barely had time for making food at home. I subsist largely through whole fruits, veggies, hummus, pre-prepped grains, and the juice bar next to my gym. Luckily there are some healthy recipes I know that don't require ANY cooking, just my trusty spiralizer.

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The Real "Easy Mac:"

  • fresh raw zucchini, spiralized into long or short noodles (I like short because they are the most like "real" mac n cheese noodles)
  • vegan cheese sauce  (in the refrigerated area of health food stores, near the guac and hummus. I like the brand Annie's, but see below for some links to homemade or raw recipes you can make yourself!)
  • -veggie toppings, like spinach and tomatoes, for extra nutrition and texture
Toss together and you're done! Delicious! You can also heat the sauce first, I think it is much better than cold Mac.
Here are some links if you want to make your OWN delicious "cheese" sauce: