Monday, November 25, 2013

Kale & Pomegranate Holiday Salad

I was thrilled to see my Whole Foods put out a little booklet of vegan holiday recipes that are under $20! So far I have made 2 and they are cheap, easy, and delicious. The first was this beautiful salad with an AMAZING dressing. This can be made all year round by substituting the pomegranates for seasonal fruit.

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Instead of typing their recipe, I thought I'd take a picture, so those of you with a printer could just print it and head for the store! Here it is:

Free recipe from Whole Foods

Don't forget to toast the sunflower seeds! It really brings out the flavor. I used whole, raw ones.
I substituted stone-ground mustard for Dijon 
This one is worthy of the holiday table. Enjoy!